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Increase Height | Grow Taller | How To Increase Height

Increase height or grow taller. This video is on how to increase height, grow taller, naturally and be taller. I’ve received a lot of messages to make a video on how to increase height and grow taller. Some of the messages have been a little upsetting to read.

So please remember don’t compare yourself to others I don’t think I’ve ever randomly thought about someone’s height when I meet them. So don’t let it get to you, focus on your great qualities and always remember you’re awesome! Hope you enjoy my video.

WHAT CAUSES US TO GROW TALLER: It’s thought that genetics account for up to 80% of our final height but there are certain environmental factors which we’re going to discuss in this video that could account for the remaining 20% of your height. Puberty is typically when we begin our growth spurt but everyone grows at a different pace.

You generally stop growing taller after you go through puberty, so if you’re in your adolescence right now this video should help you maximise your potential growth. However if you’re not in your adolescence then please continue watching as there are tips in this video you can do that can make an improvement at any age.

CAFFEINE AND HEIGHT: Avoid stunting your natural growth so the big ones are caffeine and smoking. Caffeine doesn’t stunt growth but it does affect sleep and this is a vital requirement for you to grow the tallest possible. I’ll discuss sleep further on. SMOKING OR

SECOND HAND SMOKING AND HEIGHT: Stopping smoking is the single most helpful thing you can do to improve your health and the health of the people around you. Every year more and more people quit smoking, and enjoy the better wellbeing, wealth, lifestyle and life expectancy this can bring.

Research has shown Smoking and even second hand smoke reduces height in children and adolescents so if you do smoke please quit. And If you have friends or family who smoke first help them quit and also ask them to smoke outside away from you and others.

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