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HOW TO GROW TALLER | 7 Minute Stretching Routine

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Start: Wednesday March 4 2020 Age: 15 Gender: female Height: 160.5cm Goal: 168-169cm

Week 1: I’ve completed the workout for 1 week already, but I don’t think I grew 🤔 anyways im gonna do this for 7 weeks so.. i hope it works!

Week 2: I think I got taller 0.5cm!! same height with my mom now (she’s 161cm) 😊

Week 3: I didnt grew taller this week, but its okay coz i have a long way to go

Week 4: I grew 0.5cm~ sorry for not updating for a while,, I did the workout everyday but I just forgot to update it ;w;

Week 5: 0.3cm I think? I think that’s approximately how much I’ve grown for 5 weeks now 

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