A Super Penis Enlargement Idea! – Let Mr Giraffe Help You Grow Your Penis Size With Conviction


Hey, it's me, Billy Blackjack. You can learn a lot from your past experiences in life and apply them to penis enlargement. Especially from when you were a kid. I'm going to share something with you that's going to make you think ole 'Blackjack is crazy. But if you think about it and use what I'm going to tell you about, it will help you grow your penis.

One problem guys have with enhancing themselves is that they get bored with it. After all, it's not as exciting as fishing or drag-racing your car down the street. So, what can we do to make if more exciting?

See, if we can make it more exciting, it's going to keep you interested in carrying out your enlargement experiment to get the best you can possibly be.

Let's go back to being kids. Now, I was a runt when I was little. My brothers and sisters were growing faster than corn stalks in the Summer and I was just a little stem of a boy. As you can imagine, I was upset about this. I honestly thought I would never grow.

Well, we had these book things you could order stuff from at school. You could order books to read or records to play. They also had this guy called Mr. Giraffe you could buy if you had the money. Mr. Giraffe was this long piece of paper with gradients on it, you know, like a ruler. This giraffe fellow was printed on this paper and he had a really long neck with all those marking that said how tall you were. The idea was that you stuck this guy to the wall and then you would stand against it and mark how tall you were. Then you'd check it every week to see if you had gotten any taller.

I hoodwinked my mom into buying this thing for me and we taped it to the wall. I stand up straight and proud as my mom measured me on Mr. Giraffe's long neck. It was not much, and I was not so proud, but it was still something for me to look at. My dream was to grow as tall as I could, so I could get up to Mr. Giraffe's chin.

I have to tell you it was exciting for me. It was something l really looked forward to. After we finished dinner on Sunday I would run over to this chart and call out for someone to measure me. At first, it was a little disappointing, because I was not growing. Then lo and behold! I was getting taller! My mom would act very excited as she measured me and I would step back and look at the chart and I could actually see where I had grown in the last week! It was fantastic.

I loved that guy. He gave me assurance to grow and I could see on his neck, with real, actual marks, that I was getting taller. Instead of getting sad and depressed about being such a runt, I now had enthusiasm and confidence that I was going to grow.

Mr. Giraffe can also help you with enlarging your penis. See, you just need to make a proper measurement of your pen before you start to exercise yourself. Then make up a chart on a piece of paper that has the gradients, just like on a ruler. Do both length and width gradients. Simply label these measurements by inch or centimeter – whatever you prefer. This piece of paper can now be used to monitor your penile growth. Keep it in a safe place.

Now, do not be too hasty, give yourself about a month before you re-measure your tackle for the first time. Things start to really kick in after that, so you can then check yourself out every week or so. Every time you measure yourself, make your lines (width and length) on your paper, just like my mom did with me when I was a kid looking to grow tall.

Try doing this and it will help keep you motivated to keep on exercising your penis. It really works. I tell you, it actually gets exciting (just like when we were kids) to see that you have grown! Plus, it really gives you incentive because you know you will be re-measuring yourself, and you do not want to disappoint yourself, so it makes you work harder on your exercises.

It's really simple: You have to keep your motivation factor going. Guys, if you do not do this, you will lose interest and toss in the towel. This little nugget of knowledge, while it may seem a little childish, it will help you keep your focus on getting a bigger waggler. It also makes enlarging yourself fun and not seem so much like exercise and work. This is some of the best advice you can get, so please use it to your advantage.


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