Acupressure Points for Height Increase After 25 – Increase Height in 1 Week

Acupressure Points for Height Increase After 25 – Increase Height in 1 Week

Watch this amazing acupressure point technique to increase height
after 25. Grow height fast in 1 week.
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In this video we will show you how to grow height,
by activating this single acupressure point, step by step.
So lets get started.

Thumb Point is used for stimulating your Pituitary Gland.

This thumb point helps you release the energy to your Pituitary Gland.
To activating this point,
Just apply a little pressure on the pad of your thumb.
The pressure should be very gentle.
Apply pressure and release again simultaneously.
Do this for 2 minutes and 2 times a day.
This helps in increasing the flow of energy to your pituitary gland.
and makes it release height growth hormones.

You will experience surprising changes in your body,
after doing this acupressure therapy for 1 week.
Your height will definitely start growing.

Besides doing this,
you can also apply another acupressure point as well.

This is called the Toe Point.
This acupressure point is located,
on the upper portion of your toe pad.
Activate this point for 2 minutes,
like the previous thumb point.
This point also increases the flow of energy,
to your pituitary gland.
and also stimulates the hormones,
responsible for your height growth.
Do this for 2 minutes and 2 times a day,
to get the best result very fast & easily.
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