Artificial and Natural Height Enhancers

Such artificial height enhancers have several advantages like increase in height up to five inches within months. The results are permanent and irreversible. Application is quick and simple. However, there are a few disadvantages too. These cons include the very high cost in order to avail, administer and apply the procedure. Also, several bad side effects were also noted. This might not be advisable for people who are afraid of needles because the application requires needles. This is not effective for people who have already stopped growing due to the closing of growth plates in the bones.

Height enhancers need not be something commercially produced or synthesized artificially. Good news is that most of the safe height enhancers are all natural and can easily be found, even inside your own refrigerators. The following are the foods that are best for height increase:

1. Apple. Apple is a very good source of fiber. This sugary and starchy fruit aid the human body to secrete a significant amount of insulin, an essential fat-storage and fat-protecting hormone. This is a good alternative to the next food alternative.

2. High fiber vegetables. This group includes green, yellow, and red colored vegetables. For several reasons, even if you include such being height enhancers, these foods are important to the human diet. They are very low in calories, therefore, these foods help us eliminate and drive away bad fats that give way to the optimal production of hormones that aid us in our growth.

3. Amino acids. Taken in proper ratios and amounts together with vitamin co-factors, amino acids can supplement our growth by stimulating our body to function and grow to its maximum potential in all imaginable aspects like growth, health, metabolism, among others. Supplements having amino acids as the major content are effective and safe for regular intake and can help our overall growth by increasing hormone production. Amino acids should be taken in on a daily basis.

4. Non-farmed fish. Eating non-farmed fish for dinner is helpful because once asleep, it aids our body in the production of growth hormones, the time when our body is at its peak of secretion of important hormones. When picking fish from the market, it is better to buy fish from remote and cold ocean water because they have high quality protein and very valuable omega-3 fatty acids. Farmed fish are often high in toxin level.

5. Egg whites. This contains high quality protein, a very good height enhancer.

6. Milk and other milk products. Everyone knows that three glasses of milk help us grow taller. This is already a classic height enhancer.

However, some vitamin supplements which have no approved therapeutic claims which actually claim to aid in height growth. One advice for those who intend to use such a height enhancer is to ask your doctors about it. Do not believe advertisements right away for these may prove to be harmful to your health if done without the guidance of your physician.

Source by Matheo Ray

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