Best Way to Make Your Penis Grow!

Women are funny creatures. For years, they have told us that size does not matter. In recent years, however, they now confess that size really does make a big difference in their sexual pleasure. They say a penis of at least 7 inches long, and at least 6 inches of girth is needed for them to achieve an ultimate sexual fulfillment. How do you measure up? If you fall short of your woman’s desired size, you can relax. The best way to make your penis grow, both in length and girth, is an all natural method that has been medically proven to work. The best method for increasing penis size is exercise! No, not push ups! Specific penile exercises designed to improve penile health and add up to 4 inches of size.

Penile exercises will give you a fitter, healthier penis, as well as a larger one. Imagine how unfit the rest of your body would be if you never exercised. The penis is the same way. While it is not a muscle, the same principals of growth apply. To build muscle, you have to tear down cells, usually done by lifting weight. During rest, the body allows the cells to repair themselves, and they grow back as bigger and stronger muscles. By using these same techniques, exercise is the best way to make your penis grow, too.

Now, the best method for increasing penis size does not require weights, or any other gadgets. You will simply use your hands to perform a specially designed series of exercises for a few minutes 4 or 5 days a week. The exercise will gently break down the cells of the two large chambers in your penis, the corpora cavernosa. These are the chambers that fill with blood, causing an erection. When they are filled to capacity, your penis will be at maximum size. Exercise tears down the cells, and when they heal themselves, they will grow back larger and stronger, too! They will now be capable of holding more blood, thus giving you a longer and thicker penis! Tests have proven time and again that gains of 1 to 4 inches in length, and up to 2 inches in width are likely from doing proper penile exercises.

Natural exercise is definitely the best way to make your penis grow. When you decide to buy a penis enlargement plan, tell your woman you want it for her! She will probably knock you down, running to get you her credit card!

Source by William Lee Stevens

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