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Independent Studies Prove The Body Tractor’s Effectiveness To Increase Height.

From the study “Spine Height and Disc Height Changes As the Effect of Hyperextension Using Stadiometry and MRI” it was tested to see if going through with the hyperextension exercises (aka supine hyperextended posture) results in any substantial amount of increase in the disk height and overall height.

The hyperextension method involves an inflatable cushion placed under the lumbar spine and the person just lying down on it. The result is supposed to be the same effect as traction, which is to decompress the back, specifically the lower back area since the inflatable cushion is place in the lumbar region of the column.

To make sure that the change in spinal height was real, a stadiometer was used to be extremely accurate. In addition, a MRI was done to check how the thickness of the disks changed after using the cushion.

The results from the study show that nearly everyone in the study increased their spinal height even after 10 minutes of use of the supine hyperextended posture.

Use Body Tractor Even After Puberty To Increase Height.

The best domestic traction / exercise equipment for neck, back, leg, and sinew traction couch. It is used for NECK VERTEBRAE TRACTION REHABILITATION, AIDS IN RECOVERY FROM BONE SPURS, RELIEF FROM UPPER AND LOWER BACK PAIN AND INCREASE IN HEIGHT.

Use 15 minutes daily before going to sleep and before going to work or school for added height even after puberty. In using the Body Tractor, we know that there is a normal diurnal variation of spinal height in a person throughout the day. From a physiological point of view, the normal lumbar lordosis flattens and the intradiscal pressure increases.

It is believed that the amount of height loss/gain is proportional to increasing or decreasing compressive loads on the spine.

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