Can I Increase My Height After Puberty? The Answer is Yes!

Not everyone will admit it, but a person's height plays a huge part in determining his self-confidence. For shorter people, they might have gone through various programs or even ateen supplement that claims to aid in height increase. Their goal is simple – to be able to gain that extra few inches to boost their stature. They are always asking one question: "How can I increase my height after puberty?"

For anyone looking to grow taller, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Human growth hormones (HGH), the hormones that cause growth in humans, are produced through our entire life. The main reason why growth spurts appear during puberty is because these HGH are produced in greater quantity than normal, and the resultant chemical imbalance causes our body to grow taller and develop faster. If you have ever seen a tall gangly teenager who suffers from unexplainable acne outbreaks, it is a result of a chemical imbalance in his body. The human body takes time to adapt to the amount of HGH produced, and it will be some time before the teenager matures into a young adult.

The growth spurt periods for the male and female differs, but they are usually last for a few years. During this growth spurts, both males and females will experience sudden height increase, and it is not uncommon to find friends growing a couple of inches taller over just a short holiday break. Once this growth spurt ends, the growth rate slows down until it periodically stops, and the maximum height is attained.

However, the idea that once your maximum height is attained, you are unable to grow taller, is not entirely true. There are certain things that you can do to gradually grow taller, although it is not an overnight process. It also will not be easy, but for the disciplined at heart, it is simply a matter of time. Here are some methods I used to increase my height naturally, that you can put to practice right away.

Swimming is the only exercise where the gravity pull on your body is negated. Everyday when you wake up, you will measure in slightly taller than the previous night. Go ahead and measure yourself if you do not believe me. The reason for this is simple – Gravity pulls us down during the course of the day, and when we are lying flat and sleeping during the night, our body is at rest and the pull of gravity does not compress our spine. This principle works when you are swimming.

In a pool, the pull of gravity on your body is almost nil. The ideal stroke you should do is the breaststroke, wherey your arms stretch our and your legs kick out in the opposite direction. This causes your body to stretch, and swimming regularly will make your torso lengthen significantly. Just look at Michael Phelps.

Stretching Exercises
Stretching can also make you taller. One simple exercise is simply to hang on a bar. Another is to get an inverter machine. Both negates the effect of gravity on your body, although the inverter machine is more effective as you often can not hang for too long. These methods have been proven to cause people to grow taller by several inches over time. I had most success with this method and managed to increase my height rather significantly.

Source by Benjamin Tan

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