Growth Hormone: How to Grow Taller

Growth Hormone: How to Grow Taller

Growth Hormone: How to Grow Taller

In this video Dr. Shahab Mahboubian discusses the topic of growth hormone.

Hello my name is Dr. Shahab Mahboubian, I am an orthopedic surgeon and I specialize in limb lengthening and deformity correction surgery.

Many of my patients have asked me about HGH or growth hormone as the answer to growing taller. There are two main problems with growth hormone. Number one, for it to work properly and to help you grow, it would need to be taken prior to puberty. The second problem, it can be extremely harmful to your body if not taken properly under the guidance of a endocrinologist.

As limb lengthening specialist I tell my patients that have hit puberty and are serious about growing taller that there is an alternative and that is to undertake a limb lengthening or hight lengthening procedure.

This is not a procedure that is for everybody. There are potential complications involved with the surgery and you would need to come in to see if you qualify for the surgery.

Many of my patients who have had the lengthening procedure have had great results and have been able to return to their pre-surgical activities, as well as sports.

If this is something that really interests you, please feel free to visit my website for more information.


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