How Can I Successfully Increase My Height?

It is frustrating for some people when they see that their younger relatives and friends are much taller than them. It seems to be a trend nowadays especially for young kids to grow taller than their folks and older relatives, this may have something to do with genetics, nutrition as well as the activities that they joins. So if you are one of the older generations who feel left behind you might be wondering “how can I increase my height now and what are the possible methods?”

People who have been pressuring themselves with “I want to increase my height!” because they have problems getting a dream job or a promotion at work. This can be very problematic and emotionally stressful especially if you don’t know the possible solutions to this lingering issue. Self-esteem is one of the dilemma especially if you are below 5 feet in height and working in a company of competitive individuals. Even if you have the brains for the job, but you have low self-esteem due to this issue, it can affect your performance and your chance to stand out.

To help you succeed in improving your height and self-esteem, there are certain exercises that can boost bone and muscle growth. However, bear in mind that not every individual will see positive outcomes even after months or years of employing these exercises. It will depend on your body’s response, your nutritional needs, genetics and factors that can hinder growth.

Here are some exercises that can help improve your height:

* Abdominal exercises

One of the reasons why some people look so short is because of bad posture. You can improve your posture and look taller by strengthening your lower back muscles. In doing this, you need to also have strong abdominal muscles to balance the front and back portions of your body; thus, resulting better posture. It is advisable to try the leg raise exercise and lower ab crunch to meet these goals.

* Alternate leg kick or Dry land swim

This exercises targets the lower back and it is started by laying flat on your tummy and your body should be fully extended. Place your arms straight, palms down. Raise you right leg as high as you can (higher than your right arm) and keep your other legs straight. Hold this position for 4 seconds before lowering your right leg. Do the same for the other leg until you can hold this position for up to 20 seconds. Try this gradually for each leg and see if you can reach the required time.

* Swimming

So now you might ask “how can swimming increase my height?”

Swimming incorporates cardio and stretching exercises all in one. Use breast stroke to help elongate your spine. You may use other strokes as long as your spine and limbs receive maximum benefits to help you grow taller.

* Stretching

One of the basic exercises that can help you grow taller is stretching. This method doesn’t end on stretching per se, but the exercises that use this technique such as skipping, running, resistance training, jumping, swimming and many others. These are classified as dynamic stretching exercises which help in the production of the growth hormones. And the more high-intensity resistance exercises that you do, the more growth hormones your body can produce.

If you keep on telling yourself “I want to increase my height” and never know what to do, well, these are just the basic steps that you can take to start off.

Source by Trey Laudren

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