How Can You Grow Taller Naturally While Just Sitting at Your Desk?

You might think this is a joke but it is not. How can you possibly gain height doing nothing at all? Obviously you cannot. It is not possible. You cannot get something for nothing.

How can you do this. Well Maybe I did not tell you the whole truth. Before you sit at your desk you are going to have to eat breakfast and by eating a diet rich in calcium your bones will be getting the right food to grow.

You also need to do some exercise before even getting to your desk. There is a reason for this which I will get to in a moment. Did you know that exercises like cycling, swimming and jogging are not only good for keeping you fit but they release large amounts of HGH.

What is HGH?

This is an abbreviation for human growth hormone needed by our bodies to grow and gain height. Without it everyone would have a big problem and not be able to gain height at all. When you do exercises like swimming for example your body starts throwing out enormous amounts of human growth hormone and this in turn causes your body to grow in spurts.

Not only does it do this. It carries on doing this for hours and hours after you stop exercising. This is the reason you should exercise before getting to your desk that I mentioned earlier.

So even while you are sitting at your desk you can gain the height growing benefit from your exercising.

Combining this with a calcium rich diet will give your body everything it needs to grow to it’s maximum potential. Even while you are sitting at your desk using the computer.

Take action now to grow. There is no need to just try and wish yourself taller.

Source by David S Philips

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