how to GROW height naturally | 8 tips to grow TALLER in HINDI

how to GROW height naturally | 8 tips to grow TALLER in HINDI

height increase krni h? height badh nhi rhi? watch this!!!

8 tips to grow taller
1. Lose Body Fat
3 times the body fat results in less than half of high release by your body-how to increase height in 1 week

2. Fast Intermittently
3 days into fast- 300% increase
1 week of fasting 1250% increase

3. Try an Arginine Supplement
15–20 grams per day= 60% more hgh release

4. Reduce Sugar Intake- how to grow taller naturally
healthy individuals had 3–4 times higher HGH levels than people with diabetes- how to grow tall
Higher sugar intake results in fat gain and which results in lower hgh level

5. Don’t Eat a Lot Before Bedtime- increase height after 21
Before food higher in carbs or protein can raise insulin which suppress the production of hgh- how to gain height

6. Exercise at a High Intensity
Exercise result in higher release in hgh as you can see in the chart-how to gain height

7. Optimize Your Sleep
Most of your hgh releases while you sleep so if you don’t sleep, you won’t get the essential hgh release- how to increase height

8. more protein, more height growth
In Japan after the w**, the population had access to more fish protein and the average height of the country increased 3 inches- height grow

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