Increase Height Secrets – How to Increase Height at Any Age

Are you fed up with being short in stature? There used to be nothing that we could do to increase our height. We just had to live with the cards that we were dealt. If your parents were short then you would end up being short because of genetics. When you are born your height is already determined for you because of your parent’s height. That is why tall parents have tall kids and short parents have short kids. Even though genetics do play a major role in how tall you will be, there are some height increasing secrets that can help you surpass your genetic height.

By using some of the height increase secrets you will be able to increase your height by 2-6 inches. You may be able to increase your height by even more if you are still growing. At any age even after puberty you can still add some inches to your overall height. You may think it will take years to gain height like this, but you can use the secrets to help you achieve extra height in only a few months. Some people have even reported to grow almost an inch in one week.

People have been using these secret techniques to increase their height successfully for years. If you want to grow bad enough and you use these secrets and follow a quality program you will succeed in increasing your height.

Here is one secret I will share with you that will help you increase your height. Try to get at least 8 eight hours of sleep a day. Sleep is very important for increasing height because you actually grow and produce the most growth hormone while you are sleeping. Sleeping is also important because it corrects your posture. When you sleep on your back on a flat surface your spine begins to decompress and straighten. The straighter your spine is the more height you will gain. Changing your sleeping habits may be hard to get used to at firs, but it will become easier. Just remind yourself that you are growing and it will make things more worth doing.

Some other factors that come into play when you want to increase your height are health and nutrition. If you have a body that is healthy and fit you will be able to increase your height a lot faster then someone who is not healthy. You need to try and limit your intake of carbs, sugars, and fats. Try to replace them with lean meats such as chicken and fish which are high in protein. Protein is key in your growing taller diet. Try and limit your intake of sodas and instead drink plenty of water and milk. Milk will aid in helping your bones become strong and healthy.

You will also need to perform stretching exercises that will help you gain height at any age. You should do these exercise twice a day and spend 15-30 minutes performing them each session. You should focus on stretching your spine,because the spine can be stimulated to gain the most height. When you stretch and exercise the spine you will also begin to straighten the spine and fix your posture. You can gain as much as 2 inches by just fixing your posture.

Everybody in the world has the ability to increase their height no matter how old they are by 2-4 inches. If you have a plan and follow it you will see results.

Source by Daniel Foste

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