Increase Your Height Naturally

There are many people in our society who lack proper growth but have desire to grow taller. They use different medicines to increase their height which are costlier but yet not effective to increase their height. If you are one of them using such medicine then, it’s time to think wisely. The medicines that are used to increase your height have various side effects to your health. Thus, we suggest you to use alternative methods to increase you height naturally which don’t have any side effects.

Yes, we are speaking the truth you can gain height naturally using different natural means. The gland responsible for human growth is pituitary gland. The pituitary gland produces the hormones essential for human growth, but in some people the pituitary glands might not be active much to produce those growth hormones as a result people have poor height.

Thus, if you are able to make the pituitary gland active then, you can grow taller. Factors that help pituitary gland produce enough growth hormones are balanced diet, right exercise and sound sleep. Hence, if you want to grow taller then you must pay more attention in your dietary schedule.

Balanced Diet:

If you want to grow taller then you should be conscious about food you eat. It is highly recommended to have foods containing protein, calcium and minerals. You need to consume enough amount of food like cereals, meat products which are rich sources of proteins.

Sound Sleep:

Sound sleep means good health and good health means proper height thus, it is beneficial to have sound and proper sleep for proper growth. Certain hormones in human beings responsible for human growth are active when people are asleep. Hence, proper sleep also determines your height.


Doing all of above mentioned things only help you get proper height if and only if you perform proper exercise on daily basis. There are many exercises that help to make the pituitary gland active in human being which is responsible for simulating growth hormones. The regular practice of various yoga postures can be the best option for you.

So, always have positive attitude do as we have suggested and grow taller and look smarter.

Source by Mehreen Ali Arshad

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