Is it Possible to Increase My Height Without Surgery? Here is How to Grow Taller Naturally!

Is it Possible to Increase My Height without Surgery? Millions of people all over the world ask this question every day. You see, tall people seem to have an advantage in life. Studies have shown that people who are of above average height report greater happiness in their lives on average. The main reason why this happens is because they have higher incomes and they work in higher status occupations.

Especially if you are a man, being tall can be a huge advantage. Height is very important in dating and attraction. According to research, height is one of the most important characteristics for overall physical attractiveness as determined by women.

Women avoid choosing a man who is shorter than them. In fact, studies suggest that that you have less than 1% chance of attracting and marrying a woman who is taller than you. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have no chance at all. It simply means that you will have to work harder and give more in terms of resources to make up for the height difference.

Even though it may seem unfair, people who are taller are favoured over the others in almost every aspect of life.

So, how can I grow taller without surgery?

There are several methods you can use to become taller without surgery. Eating the right kinds of food may be the most important one, if you want your body to produce more height-enhancing hormones like the growth hormone. It’s essential to consume more protein, which is contained in eggs, chicken, cheese and milk. Protein is the basic component of all cells in your body. On the contrary, it would be a good idea to stay away from too much carbohydrates and fats. These types of food deactivate the growth hormone. Avoid eating burgers and chips and limit your intake of alcohol, and caffeine because they can hinder growth. Also, you need to avoid foods that have no nutritional value like sweets, cakes and soda.

Exercising and especially stretching exercises can also help you add a few inches. Swimming is another good exercise. What is more, you should

go play basketball or volleyball as much as possible.

Another important factor is sleep. Your body needs sleep in order to grow. Try to sleep for at least 8 hours every night.

Also, here is a secret about growing taller that you simply can’t afford to miss!

This method can do wonders for you.

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