Lengthening Your Legs: Exercises to Lengthen Legs


There are many reasons to why we would want to lengthen our legs. Whether you just want to improve your looks with longer legs or want to actually increase your height, there are a few exercises to lengthen legs. Let’s take a look at these exercises and what kind of results you can expect from them. Please keep in mind that I mainly write from the perspective of growing taller.

Two Types of Exercises to Lengthen Legs

From my experience, there are mainly two exercises to lengthen your legs naturally:

  1. Sprinting;
  2. Cycling

I suppose you could also lengthen your legs naturally with certain stretching exercises; however, I have not tried them out and thus cannot write about it. For this reason I want to focus on the sprinting and cycling exercises; two exercises that can measurably lengthen your legs.

Lengthening Your Legs with Sprints

Whether you use sprinting or cycling exercises to lengthen your legs, they both aim to achieve the same thing: Making use of the spaces between your leg bones. Please note that it is impossible to lengthen your actual leg bones after the age of puberty. However, we can stretch and thus lengthen our limbs without having to enlarge our actual bones. Of course, the effect will be much smaller than if you could increase your bones size. Nevertheless, you can still achieve measurable and satisfying results.

Anyways, when you perform intense sprints you can actually lengthen your legs. The reason for this is that with each stride you are pushing your body off the ground very hard and extending your leg very far. Witch each stride you stretch your legs which can lengthen them over time.

Lengthening Your Legs with Cycling

Sprinting is a very beneficial exercise to grow taller because it also stimulates your body to release more growth hormones. However, it is not as optimal to just lengthen your legs since sprinting is so intense. Thankfully, we can still use the cycling exercise to lengthen our legs naturally. It works as follows:

  1. Adjust your saddle a tad bit too high and start cycling.
  2. Cycle several times a week and after a while you will realize that the saddle doesn’t feel so high anymore.
  3. At this point you have lengthened your legs. Now it’s time to adjust the saddle a tad bit too high again so you can make more progress.
  4. Repeat this process. Make sure you exercise regularly; best results are achieved through daily exercise.
  5. This leg lengthening exercise works best on a stationary bike.

What Kind of Results to Expect?

So here you have it: Two exercises to lengthen legs naturally and consequently increase your height. If you decide to use them please don’t forget that you can only see results if you exercise regularly and consistently. Results vary from individual to individual and the amount of effort they have put into these leg lengthening exercises. However, do not expect spurts like a child or teenager because as an adult your actual leg bones cannot be lengthened anymore. Finally, If you are unsure about how to perform these exercises please consult your doctor first.


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