Medicine to Increase Height | hitolla | Process of Height Growth | Difficulties in Height Growth

Medicine to Increase Height | hitolla | Process of Height Growth | Difficulties in Height Growth

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All about Height Growth Process and Difficulties are explained in this video and also discussed about Homoeopathic Medicinal Treatment [ hitolla ] .

HGH- human growth hormone is peptide hormone produced by the anterior lobe of pituitary gland, located in the brain. Growth Hormone also called as Somatotropin.
The main function of growth hormone is, to grow and to expand.
Hypothamus gland is also located in the brain. Hypothamus gland secretes two hormones for to control growth hormone secretion from pituitary gland, 1. GHRH
( growth hormone releasing hormone) which promotes secretion of growth hormone and
2. SRIH ( somatostatin) which inhibits secretion of growth hormone.
Growth hormone secreted from pituitary gland mostly at night during natural sleep and at heavy workout.
The amount of growth hormone is at peak point from childhood up to teen age then
start declining after puberty is over.
As the age increases, the amount of growth hormone decreases day by day.
Growth Hormone promote height growth up to the age of 20 to 22 yrs in male and up to 18 to 20 yrs in female.
Apart from growing height growth hormone is also essential for other vital functions in the body.
GH maintain- body fat and muscles mass, keeps heart healthy, keeps energy level up, regulates cell regeneration and growth, keeps skin healthy, GH boost libido, GH boost
concentration and mental alertness, increases immunity, GH also has anti aeging effects.
Every long bone has two epiphyseal plates on either sides. Epiphyseal plates are also known as growth plates. Epiphyseal plates content chondrocytes and osteoblasts
cells and their proliferation elongate bones and due to that height increases. Along with long bones vertebrae also has role in increasing height.
Growth hormone level declines after the age of puberty and in response to that the growth plates gets closed down. Once the growth plates closed then height growth stops forever.
IGF1 produced in liver in response to growth hormone. Without IGF 1 growth hormone fails to act.
HGH and IGF1 (insulin like growth factor) both are most important in the process height growth.
IGF1 deficiency causes insensitivity to growth hormone.
Gowth hormone deficiency or defect in growth hormone receptors inhibits height growth.
Growth hormone not directly stimulates epiphyseal plates to grow.
IGF1 directly stimulates epiphyseal plates to grow.
Genetic disorder- skeletal dysplasia and short stature familiar history also has role in growth failure.
Thyroid hormone deficiency is also the cuase of height growth failure.
Defective assimilation or Mineral and vitamin deficiencies also reduce height growth.
High sugar intake increases blood glucose level and in response to that insulin level also gets
increased. Hyper insulin level lowers ability to make growth hormone.
Hyper histamin level in the body lowers IGF1 level and due that height growth gets decreased.
Increased oestrogen during puberty accelerates epiphyseal closure in girls.
Increased oestrogen level during puberty supress growth hormone level and in response to low level of growth hormone epiphyseal plates closure gets accelerated. If menses start
or secondary characters develops earlier before the proper age in girls then height growth rate gets decreased due to hormonal influence.

Medicine to Increase Height:- hitolla.
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