Miracle Growth Arginine Review – Can This Supplement Help You Increase Your Height?


Miracle Growth Arginine is one of the several height increase pills sold on the internet. As per their website and sales page, Miracle Growth Arginine will help you grow taller by giving you a strong dose of a “vital” mineral called ‘arginine’. This mineral, apparently, is crucial to the growth process, and a lack of it is the major reason for people not reaching their full growth potential. They even quote a USDA study, according to which the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) cannot be released by the pituitary gland if there is a shortage of arginine in the body.

Of course, the sales page and the accompanying testimonials sound very convincing. Even if one were to believe that taking arginine does, in fact, lead to increased production and release of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), it is by no standard a guarantee of an increase in height too.

Human growth is a complex process, one that is not governed by any single chemical or hormone. While HGH is vital to overall growth in the body, its impact on height increase is limited, unless accompanied by a strong exercise and diet program. Your environment, your age, your diet, your physical activity level, your genetics, all determine how tall you would be, rather than the presence, or absence of a single chemical in the body.

Miracle Growth Arginine contains a healthy dose of arginine in the body, and as a mineral substitute, it is excellent. Whether it leads to extra release of HGH is debatable, and whether this extra HGH leads to height increase is an absolute no-no. All studies done in this regard point that HGH alone, does not, in fact, lead to increased height. In this respect, therefore, Miracle Growth Arginine falls short of its promised effects.

Arginine is an important mineral in the body. Most of the food that we eat regularly is severely lacking in this mineral. Therefore, if you believe that you could use a supplement to make up for this deficiency, then by all means, Miracle Growth Arginine is a great supplement. For actual height increase, it is not worth your money.


Source by Jeremy Gladwell

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