My Journey From 5.5 Inches To Very Well Hung Using Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

From my early teens to my early twenties, I reached my fully grown size in height and weight at just under six feet tall and 200 pounds. However, the one part of my body that never grew on its own to a size I was happy with was my penis. When I finished puberty and stopped growing, I was endowed at only 5.5 inches long and 5 inches around. Quite a bit smaller than what is considered average for a grown man, and certainly nowhere near big enough to make me a confident guy when I was out trying to score with the ladies — particularly if I knew those ladies were sexually experienced and had experienced other partners (surely with larger penises).

I made it my life’s mission at age 24 to figure out a way to make my penis grow to at least average. At first, I wasn’t even concerned with being endowed like an adult film star; I just wanted a respectable 6.5 inches like a normal man had. I tried and failed with a lot of methods before I became well hung using natural penis enlargement exercises.

The first thing I tried were pills I saw advertised on late night television. Hey, the ads were convincing! The guy looked like a real doctor and he said it was “real science,” so who was I to question him? I stayed on the pills for about three months, and I noticed a few pronounced effects, none of them being a larger penis. The first thing I noticed was that I was more anxious and my resting heart rate was higher. I discovered this was due to an ingredient called yohimbe, which is potentially hazardous and can cause high blood pressure. I also got mood swings. This I found out was due to the pills containing the hormones DHEA and pregnenolone, which when taken by young, healthy males has a tendency to convert to estrogen rather than testosterone. That isn’t good! After going through all that discomfort, at the end of three weeks I took a ruler to my penis and guess what? Still a pathetic 5.5 inches.

For a period after that I almost gave up on penis enlargement. I looked into surgical options because I figured if the pills didn’t work, surgery may well be my only option. What I found out about surgery did not inspire much confidence, either. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of anyone taking a knife to my penis and slicing into those delicate ligaments. I don’t care if the guy did go to four years of medical school, that just sounded way too risky for me. I also read a story about an aspiring adult film star who had a disastrous penile enlargement surgery experience that didn’t really make him any bigger or more satisfying to the ladies, but did make his penis deformed looking and downright scary.

My “big break,” so to speak, in penis enlargement didn’t come until someone in a chat room mentioned that he was doing penis enlargement exercise. This piqued my interest and encouraged me to find out more about these exercises.

This ultimately led me to the discovery of different exercise “programs” out there designed to step-by-step put you through a regular workout that makes your penis bigger not only quickly, but permanently. So I researched these programs even more and picked one that suited my goals the best. My exercise routine only took me about 10 minutes per day, and just to make things easy, I always did it in the shower. That way I could let the hot water warm my penis up and make it nice and plump and pliable before I started applying the exercises to it.

Then, with just my hands and the help of some body wash for lubrication, I did my exercises in there about 3-4 days per week. It was as simple as that. I started seeing my first noticeable size gains within two weeks, and everything I gained was permanent!

Source by Sebastian Royal

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