The Difficulty of Growing Miniature Roses Can Now Be Put in the Past

Growing Miniature Roses

Miniature roses are a very good plant to use to help spruce up any room in the house. Growing miniature roses are not any more difficult than growing their larger counterparts. They are perfect for window sills and plant stands near the window. Like the bigger of its kind, miniature roses will need about 6 full hrs of sunlight. I’ve found it best to place flowers in a southern window. These beautiful flowers continuously bloom for about 10 months out of the year as long as you cut the old blossoms off to promote new growth. These roses average height ranges from 12 to 16 inches although there are some that grow a bit taller.

There are several different kinds of these windowsill roses. There are Climbers, Trailers, Micro-minis, and Minifloras. Climbers do what the say, climb, with the right training from the gardener. Jeanne Lajoie and Snowfall are 2 examples of mini-climbers. Trailers, such as Seuoia Gold and Green Ice, are perfect for baskets because of their cascading growth. The 6-12 inch Micro-Mini has equally small blossoms like the Bambino and Chasin Rainbows. The MInifloras are not like most miniature roses. They are a newly developed mini that averages 2-4 feet in height. Ham Saville and Moonlight Scentsation are some examples of this slightly larger mini. That’s 4 different minis to pick from when growing miniature roses.

Planting Miniature roses

When planting and growing miniature roses you will have to treat them as if they were one of the larger species. Assuming you bought your rose from your local nursery, you have to make sure you have a big enough pot and enough soil to transplant your mini into. I usually use a pot that is at least double the size of the pot that it comes in.

Carefully remove your mini rose from the original pot without shocking the plant. Put some dirt in the bottom of the new pot, add your rose, then fill the sides while mixing (preferably) some organic fertilizer. Firm up the soil but be careful not to pack the soil down too tight. Go ahead and add some water, wetting the soil thoroughly. It’s best to also add a small layer of mulch to help keep moisture and heat in the soil.

Feeding Your Mini

All roses are pretty hungry plants. When growing miniature roses you will have to fertilize on a regular basis since they are continuously blooming. You can use any all purpose rose fertilizer making sure to follow the directions on the bottle. Feeding needs to be done after the first noticeable foliage growth, and after each bloom. Before the frost hits and your plant goes dormant, stop feeding about 7 weeks prior.


Generally you would give your rose an inch of water a week, unless you are in a very hot dry area. If this is the case, you will have to water a little bit more frequently, about every 4 days or so. With every watering, make sure you give the plant enough water and wetting 12-18 inches down. Be sure not to get the leaves wet so you won’t have to worry about any diseases.


You will have to prune your miniature rose before the next growing season. Now that the growing season is arising and your plant is coming out of its dormant state, you will have to give it a good pruning. To help promote new growth for the year you will have to prune back your mini rose, a third of the size.

While growing miniature roses, be sure to check for diseases, bugs and dust. You may have to do some research to get rid of the bugs and diseases but all you need is a soft cloth to rub off the dust. This is a small but important task as the dust may suffocate the plant. Keep your mini roses looking their best and you in turn will feel just as good.

Source by Landy Centeno

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