Three Simple Steps on How to Get Taller Naturally

Short people are often worried about their height. They wonder how to get taller naturally with absolutely no side effects. Here we will discuss 3 simple steps to increase the height. These are:

A. healthy and nutritious diet

B. height increasing exercises

C. sound sleep

In order to get the best results, it is very important to strike a balance between these three things. We will discuss them one by one.

The food that we eat has a great impact on our growth. It is not only the type of food that we eat matters but the quality and quantity also matters. We should increase the intake of protein enriched food particularly with amino acids. For example eggs, beans, liver, flour, chicken, milk, cheese etc. however we should limit the consumption of junk foods.

It is a well known fact that high intensity exercises increase the production of growth hormones of the body. Similarly height increasing exercises help in strengthening the core muscles improves the body posture and increases the production of hormones responsible for height increase and that result in an increase in height.

Sound sleep is also necessary for getting taller. This is because when we are asleep than the growth hormone of the body works faster. Our sleeping postures should be right. Wrong postures may induce lower back pain and may hinder the growth during sleep.

So if we are serious about how to get taller naturally then we must follow the three steps discussed above.

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Source by Jane Downing

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