Top 10 Exercises To INCREASE HEIGHT | Part 2 | Nachiketa Yoga

Top 10 Exercises To INCREASE HEIGHT | Part 2 | Nachiketa Yoga

Finally the most awaited video is here, ‘Top 10 Exercises To INCREASE HEIGHT – Part 2.’ This video includes all the exercises that you should perform in order to increase your height. I have summarised some Yoga poses which can trigger height growth. Please consider the fact that only performing these exercises will not help you to increase the height. If you do not want to miss out on these variables don’t forget to watch my previous video – ‘ The Science And Truth About How To Naturally Increasing Your Height’ –

Here’s the list of exercises to increase height –

Hanging Exercise
1 Minutes – 3 Rounds

Calf Stretches
20 Reps – 2 Rounds

Downward Facing Dog
1 Minutes – 2 Rounds

Cobra Pose
1 Minutes – 2 Rounds

Cat & Cow Pose
10 Rounds

Low Lunge
3 Minutes Each Side

Neck Stretches
10 Rounds

Heel Raises
10 Reps – 10 Rounds

Skipping/Jump Rope
Upto 2000 Per Day

As much as you can

Thank you for watching, and stay tuned for more tips on fitness, yoga, and healthy lifestyle.

Video Credits – Sukhdev Madhu

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